Company clarifies commitments as decision date nears.

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It appears that Ethos Capital, the company trying to acquire .org registry Public Interest Registry, and ICANN are closely negotiating to make a decision on the deal this month.

Today, Ethos announced that it would strengthen its Public Interest Commitment (PIC) with six new provisions. From its post:

  1. Ethos will include a pricing table to provide further clarity around the applicable Maximum Service Fee in any year;

  2. Ethos will clarify that the Stewardship Council must be up and running within six months of the PIC being appended to the Registry Agreement. This clarification will be made to allow the nomination and selection process (being run by an independent search firm) to run its course;

  3. Ethos will clarify that no equity owner or immediate family member of any PIR employee, officer, director or equity owner shall serve on the Council;

  4. Ethos will clarify in the Stewardship Council PIC that the reservation of rights to comply with “policy” means “ICANN policy”;

  5. Ethos will agree to transparency reporting required in PIR’s Annual Report, showing the number of domains acted upon via PIR’s Anti-Abuse Policy or through court order; and

  6. Ethos will clarify that for amendment, the PIC must go through the then applicable public comment period for revisions to PICs.

As for #6, a comment period will give little comfort to detractors. ICANN tends to just ignore all comments anyway.

The current deadline for ICANN to make a decision is April 20.



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