151.com, which recently sold for $415,000, could have a lot of uses in China.

A couple of days ago I read in Namebio that the numeric domain 151.com sold for $415,000. While I have not come across any business in the west using a numeric domain, it is quite common in China.

In terms of price, 151.com is certainly not the most expensive 3N domain ever sold. For example, Namebio reports 114.com at $2.1 million (2013) and 588.com at $1 million (2015). However, 151.com has the highest price in the last four years.

Similar domains are already used in corporate China. The 2019 Top 100 Chinese Internet Companies Report indicates two companies preferring such domains. No. 9 360 Total Security (三六零安全科技) is an internet security company operating from 360.com. The number 360 suggests comprehensive services covering all aspects of security. No. 92 Chuang Lan (创蓝) provides SMS services from 253.com. Apparently, there is no connection between Chuang Lan and the number 253 and no meaning is attached to the domain.

151.com is a good domain in my opinion. It’s well balanced on both ends with 1, and 5 sits in the middle between 0 and 10. The number starts with 1, rises to 5, and then comes back to 1. This pattern makes the number relatively easy to remember.

If you want to create a Chinese meaning for the numeric domain, there are many choices. In the list below, I have come up with brands that rhyme with the number 151.

Chinese Pinyin Meaning Application
医我医 Yi Wo Yi Give me medical treatment Medical services
衣物衣 Yi Wu Yi Clothing Fashion
易玩易 Yi Wan Yi Easy to play Games
摇舞摇 Yao Wu Yao Rock and dance Dance school
依我依 Yi Wo Yi Rely on me Consulting

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