It’s offering free domains, but not if you use the “standard domain squatter holding page”.

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Mailchimp, the marketing platform best know for email marketing, launched a free new website builder last year. Now, in response to the Covid-19 outbreak, it’s offering free domain names, too.

Customers can register a domain name for free for up to five years as long as they publish a website using Mailchimp’s website builder. Mailchimp obviously looks at this as an onramp to its paid services.

I read the fine print on the free domain offer to see what the catch was. There’s no catch, other than having to keep a published website on the platform. What caught my attention was how Mailchimp describes the holding/domain parking page for registered domains that have not been attached to a website yet.

“Use of Mailchimp’s standard domain squatter holding page on your domain (which is provided automatically to all domains) shall not suffice for meeting the publish requirement.”

Domain squatter holding page?

Mailchimp is a Tucows reseller.


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