Even though you’re grandfathered, you’ll still pay more.

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Mailchimp changed its pricing model earlier this year. Instead of charging based on how many active subscribers an account has, it included unsubscribed users, too.

Existing customers were grandfathered on legacy plans based on active subscriber counts. But now those prices are going up, too.

Customers received a notice today informing them of the price increase. The increase seems to be about 15%-20%.

My $49.99 per month package increased to $59.99. My $150 package jumped to $174.

Depending on how many unsubscribed users you have, this means the legacy plans could cost more than the new ones. For example, my $174 per month account has 15,000 active subscribers. Accounts with the new audience definition pay $159.00 per month for 15,000 audience members.

In other words, even though these accounts are grandfathered in, they are effectively being charged somewhat for unsubscribed users.

Customers can still get a 10% discount for enabling two-factor authentication on their account.

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