and registered after Apple coins the term with iPhone 11 launch.

Apple iPhone 11 image with a slofie, a slow-motion selfie

Apple coined the term slofie yesterday and people snapped up the corresponding domains. Photo courtesy Apple.

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) introduced the iPhone 11 yesterday, and with it a new term: Slofie.

It’s what the company calls slow-motion selfies. iPhone 11 technology enables you to take these part video, part still shots and you can rest assured that Chris Sheridan will take advantage of it. and were both available for registration when Apple announced the feature. But not anymore.

People registered through Google Domains and through 1API (Hexonet/CentralNic) yesterday.

Both have protected or obscured Whois records so it’s unclear who registered them. Neither domain resolves to a website at the time of writing.

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