A Costa Rican e-commerce company, wound care certification organization, and smart home company bought domains at Uniregistry.

Graphic with the number 20 and words "Top Uniregistry Sales"

Uniregistry recently published its top 20 sales of July, and now it’s going to start publishing its top 20 weekly sales (well, those that it can make public).

It’s great to have this additional data available for the market. I’m not sure if it warrants a weekly end user report on Domain Name Wire because of the size of the list. It might need to be monthly. Or a combination with the Sedo report. But for now, let’s give it a shot.

Here’s what I dug up on the top 20 sales at Uniregistry this past week.

1. wearly.com $25,000 – It’s an end user price but it’s unclear who bought it. Whois shows it’s someone in Japan. Wear.ly is for sale at BrandBucket.

2. createme.com $18,000 – It’s under Whois privacy at GoDaddy but there are a lot of companies that would want to upgrade to this name.

3. unimart.com $13,000 – Unimart selling at Uniregistry? Yep. The buyer is Barulu S.A., an e-commerce company in Costa Rica.

4. vaha.com $12,000 – Just a coming soon page on this domain.

5. iapts.com $11,500 – iApts is short for iApartments. This company helps apartments become smart apartments with connected devices. It does not own iApartments, which is an apartment locator.

6. wcei.com $10,000 – Relias LLC runs the Wound Care Education Institute, or WCEI for short. The .com is an upgrade to its current WCEI.net domain.

7. linesheets.com $10,000 – A line sheet is like a mini catalog, and this site helps you create them easily.

8. etar.com $10,000 – All I can tell at this point is that the buyer is in Saudi Arabia.

9. winnerwinner.com $10,000 – The domain has GoDaddy Whois privacy and still resolves to a Uni lander.

10. satelle.com $7,600 – A buyer in the Netherlands.

11. psilocybinmushrooms.com $7,600 – Still under privacy at Uniregistry.

12. suvmarket.com $7,000 – Doesn’t resolve and no Whois info.

13. coolx.com $7,000 – The buyer is setting up a WordPress site.

14. bouts.com $5,580 – A company called Trichterheide nv bought the domain.

15. planetaryburger.com $5,175 – I don’t know who bought it but I can guess what they’ll do with it.

16. funguy.com $5,000 – Whois shows a buyer in Washington state.

17. walkerconstruction.com $5,000 – Walker Construction is a construction company in Kentucky, building bridges, highways and more.

18. plutocrat.com $5,000 – What do you think – end user or investor? A plutocrat is someone whose power derives from their wealth.

19. abcroofing.com $4,000 – There are a lot of ABC Roofing companies out there, and this one is in Georgia.

20. dealin.com $3,700 – ZeroBase is a web developer in Japan. It’s probably for a project or client.

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